Brown Sugar Shortbread

A whole pan of delicious shortbread!


I was making millionaire bars and totally goofed on the filling – so I had this pan of delicious shortbread I needed to salvage. Lucky me these turned out fantastic!

brown sugar shortbread


  • 2 sticks of salted butter (1 cup) @ room temperature
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup dark brown sugar
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • Chocolate chips
  • Salted caramel chips
  • Coconut oil

✖️Preheat over to 350 degrees and line a 9×13 inch baking dish with parchment. Use the butter trick to secure parchment – dab some butter on the bottom side of the dish – this way your parchment will stick and won’t slide all over the place while you’re trying to flatten your dough

✖️Beat together butter, brown sugar, and vanilla until creamy. Add the flour until combined

✖️Press the dough into the baking dish – ensuring it’s as even as possible. I like to use a small cup to roll it out – making sure it’s evenly distributed. Bake 20-22 mins until light and golden. Remove from oven and cool

✖️In a microwave safe bowl, add chocolate chips and approx 1 tbsp coconut oil. Microwave until melted. Check on it every 30 sec and give it a good stir so it doesn’t burn

Do the same with the salted caramel chips

✖️Once the shortbread has cooled, drizzle chocolate and caramel over top – be generous! Let this cool in the fridge for 1 hour

** Alternatively, you could cut the squares once they are cooled and then dip the squares in the chocolate, covering the whole bar, then drizzle with salted caramel.

Pull the parchment out, cut the bars and enjoy!

brown sugar shortbread
Brown Sugar Shortbread

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