Love Bugs

The cutest little Valentine’s inspired cookies


This recipe for Love Bug Cookies couldn’t be simpler or more kid-friendly! The kids absolutely love when they get to take part in cooking – so creating these Love Bugs was a huge win in their books!

These cookies make a great addition to lunch boxes, snack plates and gifts to friends.

A simple yet fun activity to celebrate the season!

love bugs

A few tidbits about the ingredients:

Oreo Cookies — We used the double stuffed Oreos, because why not! Any chocolate cookie or waffer would work.

Red Chocolate Melts — I used the Meltables from Michaels (found in the baking section). I’ve also seen the Wilton brand at Walmart. Don’t stress about getting these! You can use white chocolate chips and red food coloring as well.

Candy Eye Balls — I can often find these at the grocery store, in the baking aisle. The ones I used for this recipe are from Amazon Candy Eye Balls

Sprinkles — Anything goes! To keep it festive we used pink, purple, red and white!


  • 1 package of double stuffed Oreo cookies (really any chocolate cookie works!)
  • 1 1/2 cup Meltables Red Chocolate OR use white chocolate chips and red food coloring
  • Sprinkles – red, white, pink
  • Candy eyes

1. Start by setting up your cookie station.

– You’ll need some sort of plate or rack to let your cookies dry

– One bowl for sprinkles

– One bowl for eyes

– One bowl for melted chocolate

2. To melt your chocolate, place meltables in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 20 seconds, stir, heat again for 20 seconds. Continue doing this until you have a nice smooth consistency. Do not overheat – the chocolate will turn thick and burnt.

*If you are using white chocolate chips, follow the same method. I like to add just a small tsp of coconut oil to get that really smooth consistency. Add 1 -2 drops of food coloring and stir.

3. Build your bugs! Dip 2/3 of the Oreo in the melted chocolate. Use a tooth pick to dab chocolate for the eyes. Decorate with loads of sprinkles!

4. Let the bugs dry completely before enjoying!

pumpkin pie pancakes
love bugs
love bugs

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